Abundance Mindset Masterclass

with Sahara Rose


Picture This

You wake up in the morning and spend your first hour of the day drinking your favorite cup of tea, meditating as the sun rises, journaling and stretching your body

You eat your favorite, nourishing breakfast (for your Dosha) and then decide when YOU want to start your day

You ask yourself what you feel like doing:

  • Do I want to be creative? Am I in a Vata mood?
  • Do I want to get things done? Am I in a Pitta mood?
  • Do I want to rest and recharge? Am I in a Kapha mood?

You have no one to report to but yourself. 

You can spend your time however you like.


That doesn't mean you do nothing, of course.

You spend your time on what sets YOUR soul on fire

You finally write that book you've been meaning to write

You launch that wellness business you've been dreaming for

You maybe take a few months off to travel the world

You plan sold-out retreats in Bali, Costa Rica and Hawaii

You redecorate your house and create the sacred haven you've been waiting for

You spend time with soul fam you don't get to see often enough

You take walks outside

Maybe even move by the beach


The beauty is,

You choose.

Begin This Life Today


You are in control of your life.

Money is no longer an issue

You can eat the foods you like

Buy the berries without freaking out about the price tag

Get that organic mattress you know you need but has always seemed too far out of reach

Choose the best-quality supplements

Buy luscious plants for your house

Get your pet the organic pet food they deserve, but has been too expensive in the past

Go on a vacation, whenever you like, wherever you like.. with first class tickets 

Hire photographers to capture you in your most authentic moments

Gift your family and friends with heartfelt gifts that bring tears to their eyes

Pay off your college debt

Retire your parents

Retire yourself


The sky is your horizon

And anything is possible because you have now shifted to an Abundance Mindset Masterclass


Gone are the fears of not having enough

About worrying about making ends meet

About stressing about whether you can pay off that parking ticket, health bill, student loan debt payment

You can live your life with ease

No longer a servent to money

In fact, money no longer is at the forefront of your mind

Because you are finally free

This is your birthright

This is what you are capable of

This is what I will guide to you

Come Join Me on the Abundance Mindset Masterclass

Let me tell you a little bit about my own journey..

I always thought I had to compromise somewhere.. at least that’s what I was told and had seen.

I could either be creatively-fulfilled and BROKE..

Or wealthy and lacking in true purpose.

I hadn’t met anyone personally that had both.


So I chose the creative route.


I set out to make it as an author, though I had never met one in my life

I became a Holistic Health Coach, Sports Nutritionist and eventually an Ayurvedic Practitioner

Through a LOT of work, I eventually got enough clients to support myself


But the thing is.. I was always working

I was so busy trying to make everyone else healthy.. that my own health suffered

I would repeat myself 7x times a day per each client and end the day totally burned out, which led to adrenal fatigue

I had read about online businesses, but I never believed it was possible for me, especially because I was passionate about Ayurveda + wellness.. not so much the online marketing space

In fact, I found it super intimidating and masculine

However, the idea of passive income, to be able to make money as I sleep, so I can focus on my TRUE goal of becoming an author, kept luring me in..


I began reading everything I could about online business and implementing strategies in my coaching business 

I remember my first time ever receiving a payment while I was asleep.


To say I was thrilled, is an understatement. 

I didn’t have to talk for an hour, write up a meal plan or secure a client to get that payment

I just focused on what I did best—create valuable content—and the money just came in.

By being the truest version of ME.

Adapting an Abundance Mindset Changed My Life

Hands down, I would not have written 3 books, managed a now multiple six-figure business and had time for my fiancé, dog, dance, world travel, yoga, spiritual practice, podcasting and mandatory beach-time, if it wasn’t for mastering this stuff


It is JUST as life-changing as Ayurveda, health and wellness because when you are able to REST, you are able to HEAL


So many healers/ coaches/ empaths/ mothers/ women in general give themselves fully to others, and then end up giving from an empty cup


I want to tell you that that DOESN’T have to be you anymore


You can focus on your passions and create a living more abundant than your wildest dreams


And you don’t have to give up your creative pursuits or desire to help the planet 




The same passion I have for teaching everyone about Ayurveda is just as strong for teaching everyone about creating passive income because both have been the most life-changing lessons of my life


Creating passive income has allowed me to dedicate my life to sharing Ayurveda, and Ayurveda has healed my mind/body/spirit so I can create passive income


I created the Abundance Mindset Masterclass and have done numerous podcasts on Financial Self-Care, Adapting an Abundance Mindset and guided tens of thousands of people through changing their subconscious beliefs to create a life of abundance 


But the same questions kept coming up..


 How can I start shifting my relationship with money?

How can I learn how to create passive income?

What if I don’t even know where to start?


 Here is my solution..


Let me tell you more about the Abundance Mindset Masterclass..

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Break Through
Money Blocks

We all have blocks withholding us from abundance, stemmed from our parental upbringing. Epigenetics has now found that these blocks can even stem from our ancestry. You'll come face-to-face with yours to rewrite a richer future for you, your children and generations to come

Discover Your
Abundance Dosha Type

This is the FIRST and ONLY masterclass that discusses your Abundance Dosha, a concept coined by best-selling Ayurveda author Sahara Rose. Some of us are money avoidant, while others are money focused and others are money holders. You'll find out your unique type in this masterclass and how to best create abundance with your gifts.

Build Your Path
to Abundance + Freedom

Abundance begins with your mindset and is followed by walking your path. Learn ways to create passive income so you can focus your time doing what you love and serving the planet, without being time or financially strapped. 

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this masterclass today, you'll discover your unique money blocks and open your mind to a new abundant future, creating more freedom, love and purpose in your life than ever before.

  • Rewrite your subconscious to attract abundance with ease and grace
  • Come face-to-face with money blocks that you've been holding onto your entire life and finally overcome them
  • Recognize your unique Abundance Dosha Type and learn the very strengths and weaknesses that come with it
  • Understand the energy of abundance on a deeper level so you can let go of negative perceptions of money
  • Unblock yourself from repelling money (which most people subconsciously are) and create an energy field that allows money to come through you naturally
  • Open your mind to ways to create passive income so you can make money while you sleep and instead spend your time fulfilling your passions

Upgrade Your Abundance Mindset Today

The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it.

How Is Abundance Related to Your Dosha (Mind-Body Type?)

Learn below!


This Masterclass is for you if..

  • You may feel that money is an "icky" subject and avoid thinking/ talking about it yet want to change
  • Money is holding you back from living your fullest life and you want to change that
  • You know there IS a way to do what you love and make good money doing it.. but you dont know where to start
  • You feel turned off by cut-and-dry money/ business/ finance teachers and want something more conscious and spiritually-based
  • You want to live a life of ALIGNMENT over hustle
  • You recognize that money is a tool that can provide you with experiences, assistance, education, freedom, self-care, health and aligned luxuries and don't want it to hold you back anymore
  • You are a coach/ creative/ healer/ entrepreneur and are ready to take your business to the next level by having more abundance OR you want to be in these types of businesses and unblock your money blocks FIRST (smart idea!)
  • You are ready to change your relationship with money once and for all
  • Your definition of abundance has nothing to do with cars, bags, shoes and fancy houses and EVERYTHING to do with living a life of freedom, purpose and joy
  • You know that money is that thing that is holding you back from going to the next level, both in your business and in your personal life
  • You want to stop worrying about money so you can focus on the BIGGER picture and what REALLY matters

This Masterclass is NOT for you if

  • You aren't willing to learn.
    An eager mind is an absolute prerequisite to gaining value from this (or any) Masterclass. A teacher can only teach to a willing student. If you plan to buy this Masterclass and never watch it or be on your phone the whole time, I'd rather have you save your money and not buy it. This Masterclass is only for those who are WILLING and READY to learn. You don't have to have any prior education on money, business or ANYTHING of the like, but you must be willing to learn now.

  • You are resistant to questioning your beliefs.
    A lot of your "stuff" may come up in this Masterclass. It may be really difficult for you to hear me talk about money and abundance in the way that I do. It may question every single belief you've been brought up to have around the subject. THAT is where the growth happens. 

    We're going to go deep into every one of your subconscious money blocks and crack them open from the inside out. It will most likely bring up some memories that needed to come to surface. This is we elevate our subconscious. If you are willing to go into the icky stuff and bring it to light, this Masterclass is for you. If you'd rather stay as you are and aren't ready to hear about money spoken about in such an open way, then maybe now is not the time. 

  • You aren't willing to take action. 
    I created this Masterclass to create radical shifts in peoples lives. Changing your mindset around abundance can be the very largest shift you ever make in your lifetime. It makes the difference between living a life you CHOOSE and one that you end up with. It's not something to take lightly.

    That's why I created this Masterclass for people who are ready to take action. It is for the people who are going to take in the content then APPLY it to their lives. I want this Masterclass to be successful for participants and it won't be if you don't take action. If you just plan on listening then continuing with your list of excuses on why you'll never be abundant, then don't bother. I can teach you ways to rewire your brain for abundance, but if you have a hard block against moving forward, I can't help you with that.

    However, if you recognize you have a lock but are willing to do whatever it takes to unblock yourself from that, then I can absolutely help you. I will provide you with the framework, but you have to meet me halfway and do the work. 

"Sahara has completely transformed my relationship with money. I used to be repelled by money and now I have totally changed my mindset around it, and as a result am attracting it left and right!"

Emily W

"You recently had a podcast about changing your perceptions of money and it really made me confront a lot of my preconceived notion's about money too. I'm a social worker and there is never enough money, so it seems, to help all the clients we want to serve or for employees to have robust pay checks that compensate our level of work/education. I created a sigil with a positive money affirmation and have changed my thinking. And wow!!! Out of nowhere money started flowing in... from family wanting to help out unasked, to my partner getting a $20,000 job promotion, and more it has been incredible! I'm trying to think of money as energy and think in terms of abundance not just for me but for my clients. "

Social Worker

"I used to carry the belief that I couldn't do what I love AND make money, so I chose doing what I love and have lived most of my life struggling with money. However, Sahara's masterclass taught me that I CAN and DESERVE to have both. My third-eye has been blasted open and I am seeing so many more ways to create abundance in my life that amplify my work to an even LARGER level!"




Reduced rate of $20

Previously $60

Full 1 hour Masterclass

60 Minute  Q+A Webinar Replay with Sahara + Top Personal Development Expert Michael Silvers


Frequently Asked Questions

You will be given access to the 1 hour Masterclass filled with information, prompts and anecdotes to deep dive into adapting an Abundance mindset, customized for your unique Abundance Type Dosha.


You will also be given the Abundance Mindset Webinar replay, where Sahara and Personal Development experts Michael Silvers answer various questions from mindset to actionable steps in creating an online business. 

Your $20 includes 2 hours of content.

The Masterclass is an hour and the webinar is also one hour, totaling two hours of content.

The Abundance Mindset Webinar took place live on Nov 8 and the replay is now available within the masterclass.


"I was blown away by Sahara’s Abundance Mindset Masterclass. For starters it was such an incredible price I couldn’t justify passing it up although I almost did a few times. I was skeptical it would be different than all the other information I’ve received on the topic. Boy was I wrong, it was as if she had a lens into my private love/hate relationship with money and was speaking directly to me. I’ve always believed I was destined for something greater than what I’ve been receiving but the people in my life and the beliefs they unknowingly instilled in me have definitely held me back. No more playing and staying small and scared. I especially loved the part about Healing our ancestral pain and fear. Gave me chills. Thank you eternally Sahara for taking this “scary” topic and making it an exciting journey to re embark upon. You are one of a kind and so treasured! Next up is to get my fiancé on board the Abundance train!"

Dora Patricia

"Being in Sahara’s infectious LIT energy and pitta passion LIVE was the thee best part of the Masterclass call. And my big 4 takeaways are: 1. Repacking my current offerings so my clients don’t get overwhelmed by the whole buffet 2. The challenge to post my most vulnerable post ever! ARGH I’m feeling the fear and going to do it anyway! 3. Clarity about my #1 focus - educating people about Brain Friendly Program creation where the learning sticks so they’ll come bashing down your door for the next program you offer! 4. Passive income - I want the HOW! "

Bronte (@beeline2bliss)

"Signing up for this mastermind helped open my eyes to the possibilities of what my business could be. I was thinking about how I wanted to work in a mastermind and I really wanted it to be with someone I could connect with. A few days later, Sahara announced her Abundance Mastermind! The divine timing was perfect. I loved it so much I signed up for the 6 week program. Sahara does a wonderful job sharing her knowledge and I couldn’t recommend working with her more!"

Haley Cole

" For a while time I’ve felt stuck in my finances and my life. I thought I was doing everything in my power to figure out why and how - diving deep through yoga, journaling, meditating - but I was missing something. After buying her book on Ayurveda, finding Sahara on instagram, and listening intently to her podcast (which I fell so in love with), I finally committed to her abundance mindset masterclass. I needed SOMETHING! I needed a breakthrough. This definitely was it. I learned so much about myself and the people I love. As well as how much I am holding myself back from what I truly want and need in order to pursue and live my dharma! Money was a tough and annoying thing the moment I turned 18. Changing my mindset and getting to the root is truly awakening for me in so many ways. Sahara knows what to say and how to say it in so that it reaches YOU. Her knowledge is astounding! She has helped me transform my relationship with money, and the relationship between my passion and money. I am beyond grateful for that."

Arianna Young

Adopt an Abundance Mindset Today

Rewrite your abundance story once and for all.


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